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Handstand pole dancer

João Caravalho / GAMMA Photos

Behind the Lens

Founded in 1983, GAMMA Photos is a worldwide collective of photographers with a single shared mission ... "we seek to record the world as it appears to us, for the benefit of future generations.  We document all manner of human life with uncompromising excellence, truth, respect and rigorous independence."

Simon Hill HonFRPS, UK Director

Photographers with GAMMA Photos are not simply passive bystanders to life; they are an active element of the social landscape in which they create their images. Each has an ability to see human life at its most personal and most intimate. They do not seek out major events nor well-known personalities; they look for the commonplace, the local, the vernacular and the distinctive. They contribute to an ever-growing archive of unique and high quality documentary photography that creates a lasting archive of life in the changing human world. 

Applications to become an accredited photographer with GAMMA Photos and benefit from the agency services provided by the

collective are usually by invitation only.  However, any bone fide documentary photographers or photojournalists may make portfolio submissions at our offices in London, Paris or New York by appointment.

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